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The whole range of waste management

Garbage collection, Waste management

The limited liability company «Ecoproject» is engaged in rendering services of waste disposal and recycling since 1997.

Having begun our activity in hard for the given segment of the market time practically «from zero», we have developed from a small firm into a succeeding service provider in the field of handling with dangerous waste, gaining the name of an advanced leader in servicing enterprises of the North – Western region of Russia and reputation of a diligent and responsible partner.

Today our services are used by the leading enterprises of automobile, food, polygraphic and building industry as well as representatives of small-scale and average business.

The limited liability company «Ecoproject» has big material-technical base (garbage trucks, diesel and electrical loaders, presses, compactors, municipal containers with volume from 6 cubic meters to 27 cubic meters) and contractual base (contracts with the majority of licensed organizations in placing and recycling of wastes of St – Petersburg and the region), qualified workers and experienced and skilled administrative-technical personnel. All these factors allow us render services quickly and with quality at competitive prices.

The main principle of the company has always been and still is «legality». All the jobs in gathering, transportation and waste recycling are performed in full conformity to the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of handling with waste of production and consumption, statutory acts in the sphere of preservation of the environment, industrial sanitary, labour safety, fire and electrical safety. We are very proud that each cubic meter of waste disposed by us is placed on licensed ranges instead of being brought “to a ditch”, which is nowadays the sin of many unfair carriers whose aim is only increasing their profit.

Thanks to all these factors our customers never meet any problems with reporting to ecological services, and limited liability company «Ecoproject» regularly undergoes the procedure of re-licensing connected with thorough check of its activity by state bodies.